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Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Chevy Volt Adventure

Well, it really wasn't so much an adventure,  It was more like an "experience". I was given the opportunity to test drive the 2012 Chevy Volt through Klout is a website that connects people and measures their "influence" over Social in certain topics. In exchange for the influence, users of Klout are given "perks". These perks can be a range of things. I personally have received nail polish, a 4 piece wine set, Visa reward cards, all kinds of stuff. So anyway, for this particular perk, people in the Chicagoland area were able to sign up and receive a 2012 Chevy Volt to test drive from July 17-19. I was kinda nervous at first, wondering if they were really going to bring the car. Sure enough, it was delivered to my door. Crystal Red and all shiny! How cool!!! The guy who dropped it off(Steve), was so nice. He showed me all the bells and whistles in the car. And there were a lot! Onstar, built in phone, GPS, touchscreens, XM radio, and the best thing to me about the Volt was that it ran on electricity and gas!

It was a very smooth ride. When it was driven on the battery, you couldn't even hear it. Oh, by the way did I mention that it has a key-less ignition? As long as I had the keyfob in my purse or pocket, I could just push the power button and the car would start up. Another great feature is that if the charge ever went all the way down, the car would seamlessly switch over to gas without missing a beat. A full tank of gas held over 260 miles. So, if you didn't drive a lot and charged it up every night, you might have to put gas in it once a month! I really liked that!

The Chevy Volt is a 4 passenger car, so we couldn't all drive in it at the same time, but that was fine, we just took more trips in it so everyone could get a ride. After driving it the 1st day, I just parked it in the garage, plugged it into the outlet with the charger that came with it and charged it overnight. Super simple and it was all ready to go in the morning! Highway driving was just a smooth. Kicking into sport mode was fun! Acceleration and handling was amazing. My husband and I took it out grocery shopping. I know, I know. I have the chance to drive this great looking, sports car and I go grocery shopping. What can I say? I can tell you that the trunk space was more than adequate. We went to 4 stores and filled it up. Even my teenager remarked at how much we were able to fit in there. Another thing I loved was the rear back-up camera. Makes it really handy for parking and for watching out for people or children that might run out behind you. Well, as quickly as it came, it was time for them to pick it back up. My oldest son said I didn't drive it enough. He's right, I didn't. But, I did enjoy the time I had in it. My husband said he would have loved to own one if the sticker price wasn't $41,000!  That's my story! Hope you enjoyed it.

If you would like to know more about klout and how you can get some great perks of your own, check out You do have to be a user of twitter or facebook to join though. Or, if you just like more information on the Chevy Volt you can get that here:

On to the next adventure!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. These are strictly my thoughts and opinions. Jocelyn A Dorsey 7-21-2012

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