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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My New Hobbies

I was one of those people who would get on the computer and do a little surfing, check out a possible new website for my children or play a few games online. Nothing big and never too much time spent. That was until I discovered, "Freebies and Sweepstakes". My world has been turned upside down! One day while I was checking out my facebook page, I came across a post from a friend who had just scored a good coupon for something. I can't even remembered what it was. I clicked on her page and followed the link and got the coupon also. Little did I know what chain of events that little harmless click would unleash. I found a whole new world of people just like myself looking for bargains online. Not only that though, there were companies giving away stuff for FREE! I was amazed. There was cereal and juice, coffee and numerous t-shirts. It was the start of something wonderful. I "liked" a couple of these pages and was turned on to even more pages! On one of these pages, I discovered, Instant Win Games. Oh boy! I was hooked. I found myself waking up early or staying up late just so I could play these games to try and win something. While I haven't won anything big yet, I have won enough stuff to catch the attention of my husband and children and keep me playing.(19 prizes won so far)! He now asks, "if there is anything good out there", worth trying to win. I haven't even talked about the sweepstakes yet. There are literally hundreds of them on the net. I had seen them from time to time,but never thought that they were anything but scams or un-winnable bits of advertising. My mind has been changed. I have read the posts of regular people just like me, who have won some incredible prizes. Again, I haven't won anything big yet myself, but at least now I believe I can. My oldest son thinks I have gone mad when I now ask him not to throw his bottle caps from Coca-Cola or Sprite away so I can get codes from underneath or when I buy 6 boxes of popcorn to get the free codes for Redbox on the inside. Although he has enjoyed the 8 boxes of Pillsbury Toaster Strudels I won. I have to credit, and for helping me on my journey through this wild and wonderful world of sweepstakes, freebies and fun. Continued success to them and thanks for all you do. In the meantime, I still hope to snag a big win, (an ipad is high on the list).  But, even if I don't win something big, I am loving the little things. If you haven't tried it, you should. You never know what you might find or win. Happy Sweeping and Freebie Finding!

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